Replay - IFC-SG workflows using Onfly: The agnostic solution for your data management

Special focus on CORENET X.

Step into the future of construction standards with our upcoming webinar!

We're excited to unveil CORENET X, a groundbreaking submission framework.

Specifically designed for BIM models in the IFC-SG format, CORENET X is poised to revolutionize the regulatory approval process across various agencies within Singapore's BE Sector.

In addition to the implementation of CORENET X, our expert speakers explore other crucial changes and trends shaping the BIM landscape in the AEC sector:

  • BCA BIM Handover Technical Guide: Discover the latest updates as BIM becomes an integral part of Contract Documents, complementing traditional 2D drawings.
  • OpenBIM and BIM Standardization: Uncover the growing trend towards OpenBIM and the standardization of BIM data and structure, including the establishment of Model Contents Requirements (MCRs) by the public sector.
  • Digital Twin Technologies: Explore the advent of Digital Twin technologies, offering insights into their application for operations and maintenance of assets.

During this insightful session, our expert speakers delve into invaluable best practices. They showcase efficient methodologies for organizing generic BIM objects in alignment with Singapore's rigorous #CORENETX standards.

Learn how to meticulously prepare your models using IFC-SG, intricately populate IFC-SG parameters, and harness the power of Onfly for standardized BIM objects and streamlined data management.

Don't miss this chance to gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving construction landscape!


This webinar is presented by :

Rui Wang

Business Manager Southeast Asia for Onfly at BIM&CO

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Tian Chong Tan

Managing Partner at Aptiv8 IT Solutions

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