⏯ Replay : How to facilitate access to certified data in BIM softwares and exchanges?

With ProdBIM anGree Products

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Are you a data user or HVAC manufacturer?

In a BIM project, ensuring the quality of your data is essential. Certified data is key, but access to it can sometimes be difficult.

The PRODBIM initiative, created by Eurovent, aims at facilitating the rationalisation of product data diffusion in BIM softwares and exchanges.

Sharing this same vision, PRODBIM and BIM&CO have joined forces to accelerate the creation of data, to improve their reliability and to facilitate the digitalisation of BIM processes, ensuring a considerable time saving for all users.

During this event, Gree, the world's largest manufacturer of air conditioners, will share with us the importance of certified data for HVAC products.

Discover how to facilitate access to certified data in BIM software and exchanges, with Vincent Hénault, Valentin Malemanche and the participation of Philippe Caron, from Gree Products.

Vincent hénaut rond


Project leader (PIM - BIM) at PRODBIM



BIM Product Manager at BIM&CO

Philippe Caron

Philippe CARON

Marketing Director at Gree