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How to facilitate access to certified data in BIM softwares and exchanges?

Are you a data user or HVAC manufacturer?

✅In a BIM project, ensuring the quality of your data is essential.

Certified data is key, but access to it can sometimes be difficult.

✅The PRODBIM initiative, created by Eurovent, aims at facilitating the rationalisation of product data diffusion in BIM softwares and exchanges.

✅ Sharing this same vision, PRODBIM and BIM&CO have joined forces to:

  • Accelerate the creation of data
  • Improve their reliability
  • Facilitate the digitalisation of BIM processes, ensuring a considerable time saving for all users.

 ✅ Gree, the world's largest manufacturer of air conditioners, will share with us the importance of certified data for HVAC products.

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This webinar is presented by: 

Vincent hénaut rond


Project leader (PIM - BIM) at PRODBIM



BIM Product Manager at BIM&CO

Philippe Caron

Philippe CARON

Marketing Director at Gree